Leadership Development Programs

"The Solutions Group and our Leadership Development Programs have been the defining elements in being able to handle the rapid growth that our company has undergone. Without them we could have never elevated the performance of our management team to the level that we are seeing today."
-- David Lepage
President, G&C Foods (Syracuse, NY)

TSG Leadership Programs result in visible changes in an executive's ability to lead and manage. And, these changes directly lead to value-added activities in your company.

Our programs dramatically differ from other programs in three ways:

  1. Our programs are all custom designed, based on cutting-edge TSG Leadership Development Assessments.
  2. Dr. Jim's training as a corporate psychologist, business acumen, and board-level experience, combined with his active development of scores of high potential executives, provide your company with topflight leadership development expertise.
  3. We provide a leadership development experience that results in actual, visible change.

How the Process Works

TSG Leadership Development Programs are effective because they are custom-designed with highly accurate assessment data - we don't do generic executive training which only results in generic results. Our custom programs incorporate your company's
needs to make sure that the leadership development result has maximum business impact. The executive's supervisor is used as an "internal mentor" in the process - making the program optimally relevant and connected with what the individual does
every day.

TSG Leadership Development Program Steps

  1. Once your company has decided to work with TSG, an orientation meeting is held with the executive to be developed, his/her supervisor, and Dr. Jim - to establish a timeline and allow questions to be answered.
  2. The executive completes the TSG Leadership Assessment program (a subset of the TSG Leadership Program) - including a full day of leadership/management testing in addition to a 360-degree assessment.
  3. The results are analyzed and compiled into a formal report that is presented to top management, then shared with top management and the executive.
  4. The executive meets with Dr. Jim every 2-3 weeks. The two-hour meetings focus on the development tasks and milestones documented in the Leadership Development Program. Midcourse and final assessments are carried out to make sure deliverables
    are being met, both from the perspective of the executive and his/her company.

Our programs are successful because they are custom designed. They include your company in the mentoring process to get maximum impact, and are run by Dr. Jim - a corporate psychologist with unique skills for developing executives.

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