Executive Coaching

“As an executive coach, Dr. Jim has helped me think several steps ahead in complex situations, to be aware and sensitive to how decisions will be received and impact others. This allows me to lead a more open and productive decision making process with the management team and results in better outcomes.”
– Pat George
Managing Partner, Davie Kaplan (Rochester, NY)

There’s an old saying: “It’s lonely at the top.”

In Dr. Jim’s work with many executives through the years, few really seem lonely. But, almost all are in the same situation - they need to bounce ideas off a credible, objective source, and that person doesn’t typically exist in their
organization. Brainstorming and analysis are the wellspring of great ideas. But most executives can’t expect objectivity from internal staff because many ideas will likely affect them!


Our approach is valued by executives for two reasons:

First, our approach is a practical one. It takes executives away from distracting daily details and assists them to focus on the broader picture. It helps them to begin reflecting on and implementing longer term critical decisions
which are often obscured by the pressures of daily demands.

Second, with a focused, execution-oriented approach, executives begin addressing higher ROI activities. Our approach is simple and effective. Dr. Jim’s unique ability to combine business with a keen insight into human motivation
and corporate psychology enables TSG to work with executives to determine what to change, how to get there, and ensure that they arrive.


How the Process Works

Dr. Jim’s approach is valued by his clients because it is industry specific. From the beginning of the process, Dr. Jim will learn the ins and outs of your industry. This knowledge makes his coaching highly relevant to your specific
challenges. The relevance of the coaching makes its results more actionable - leading to better results.

TSG Executive Coaching Programs Steps

  1. Our first meeting defines what the executive wants to accomplish and his/her style of working with executive coaches. It is most generally a “getting to know you” session.
  2. We begin a series of meetings over a set period of time - most executives start with a 6- or 12-month term. Meetings are monthly, for 1.5 hours. Immediately after the meeting, Dr. Jim provides a brief summary of the coaching session, including a
    list of the agreed upon deliverables for the next meeting.
  3. Just before the conclusion of the coaching term, the executive and Dr. Jim (and, as relevant, that person’s supervisor) review the results of the program and how it has improved the individual’s performance. While the programs are generally
    very successful in the agreed-upon timeframe, many companies opt to extend TSG’s executive coaching due to the additional value it brings.

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