Executive Assessment

"One of the most highly effective tools Jim is capable of bringing to a company is his testing/evaluation services. These have not only been highly effective and "spot on" when it comes to prescreening and selecting potential hires, but have been invaluable in assessing and addressing the personalities, habits, strengths, and weaknesses of our key management team. This process has provided opportunities for professional growth as well as personal growth, which improved our performance in the workplace as well as outside it."
-- Doug Woods
The Association For Manufacturing Technology (McClean, VA)

When senior level teams function well, their cooperation fuels the company's efficiency and profitability. When they don't function well, their ability to plan, cooperate, and execute shaves percentage points off profit margin and productivity.

Dr. Jim has 15 years of experience working with senior level teams. During this time, he's observed that most senior managers are often consummate individual contributors. But, they haven't learned to work together as a senior team due to three core

  • lack of communication
  • turf issues and their needs to keep within their own part of the business
  • lack of specific teamwork skills

TSG Executive Assessments pinpoint the "disconnects" within your senior team, and create a plan for your senior group to become a high functioning senior team.

How the Process Works

There are two methods Dr. Jim uses to assess senior teams:

  • EXECUTIVE SURVEYS: This method uses in-depth interviews to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities of the senior management team - this assists the team to see how they do, and don't, work well with each
  • EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENTS: This method uses individual testing and interviewing to determine each executive's own strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities - this answers the question about the aggregate "horsepower"
    of the team based upon the skills of its individual members - an individual evaluation approach.

Each method can be used to build teamwork - they're just different roads to get to the same destination. The choice of method is partly an outgrowth of your company's culture.

TSG Executive Assessments Steps:

  1. Dr. Jim, together with you, determines the optimum survey method (see above).
  2. TSG creates the appropriate reports to analyze and summarize the data.
  3. TSG conducts retreats for reviewing and discussing the results, as reflected in the reports. We develop action plans to define future growth opportunities for the team and its members, as well as the company.
  4. The team's top executive and Dr. Jim conduct a wrap-up session to reflect upon the outcome of the TSG Executive Assessment process, as well as to discuss possible next steps.

The reason for "diagnosing" the senior team is to understand specifically what propels it, as well as what holds it back from gelling as a team. Once you know the causes, you're on your way to the cure.

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