“Jim is currently working with my senior management team in a process aimed at even further increasing our effectiveness. We have been in this process for a little over a month and already, we have seen substantial improvement.”

-- Steve Blue

President/CEO, Miller Felpax Corporation (Winona, MN)

Where we can help...

Executive level teams have the greatest influence on all the bottom line indicators in a business. Understanding what makes your Executive team "tick" and developing them to higher levels of effectiveness can differentiate your company from the rest
of the pack.

TSG Executive Team Assessment

While they're the people closest to you in your organization, the dynamics that occur among your executive team are often the most challenging to figure out. If your highest level players aren't playing well together, it can impact your company's
productivity and profitability. Consider an Executive Team Assessment to diagnose the issues in order to implement a solution.

TSG Executive Team Development

This is the next step in helping your team learn to pull together. If you're finding that the whole is less than the sum of its parts, outside assistance can be the ticket to bringing about long-term benefits to your team that will ultimately benefit
your bottom line.