Succession Assessment

"One of Dr. Jim's many strengths is developing existing personnel to move them to higher levels of achievement and leadership."
-- C.S. "Chic" Lewis
, President, C.S. Lewis, Inc. (Sea Oats, FL)

Succession planning is often one of the most emotional processes an organization can undertake. Why? Because it involves enormous risk. So, many companies put off succession planning until "tomorrow." The result is that tomorrow comes, a successor
hasn't been identified and developed, and your company is caught without a viable plan. A frantic search is undertaken but with the enormous risk that accompanies a rushed search (or promotion) process.

TSG Succession Assessments help companies plan for tomorrow by understanding the talent pool they have today. We help you identify whether your high potential performers of today are your star executives of tomorrow.

How the Process Works

TSG's Succession Assessment process provides a scientifically thoughtful approach to selecting your decision makers of tomorrow. Our process leads a company through the steps of defining the needs of the position and assessing whether the succession
candidate fits those needs.

Frequently, the succession candidate also has leadership/management development needs. These will be clearly spelled out in the assessment report and detailed in the report review meeting. TSG can also provide
the follow-up coaching for the high potential executive (see TSG Leadership Development Programs for more information).

TSG Succession Assessment Steps

  1. Your succession selection team meets with Dr. Jim. In that meeting, he'll determine if the fundamentals are in place (e.g., a job specification and the company's own assessment of the candidate's suitability for the position).

  2. With the fundamentals in place, the individual comes to TSG to complete a full day interviewing/testing process.

  3. TSG prepares an in-depth analysis of the data, resulting in a comprehensive report on the individual to determine his/her fit for the position.

  4. Dr. Jim reviews the report with the succession selection team, facilitating the team in a process resulting in a final succession decision.

Stop worrying about choosing the wrong person. Contact Dr. Jim to conduct a Succession Assessment that gives you the information to promote right ... the first time.