Prehire Assessment

"Jim’s prehire assessments are an integral piece to our interviewing process. We rely on the accuracy and details of his analysis to help us determine if a candidate has the skills, experiences and character to fit with the goal and culture of our organization."
-- Colin Sheridan
President, LunchByte Systems Inc. (Rochester, NY)

Too many companies are plagued by flawed hiring processes. Thus, they end up hiring the wrong people - costing their companies time, money, and aggravation.

TSG's Prehire Assessments help you identify whether an executive job candidate best suits your company's needs. The TSG process assesses candidates in the four main areas which determine executive success:

  • Problem Solving Skills/Style
  • Personality and Drive Characteristics
  • Team and Communication Skills/Style
  • Leadership and Management Skills/Style

How the Process Works

Prior to Dr. Jim's involvement, your company will work through its own screening process to narrow the pack down to the top 2-3 candidates (as necessary, we can coach you through a simple method for doing this). Through an in-depth consultative
probing, questioning, and testing process, Dr. Jim has honed over 15 years, he can clearly deduce whether the job candidate is the right choice.

Prehire Assessment Steps with TSG

  1. Through a simple process, your company conveys background information on the candidate, the job position, your industry, and the company culture.
  2. The candidate comes to TSG for a full day of testing and interviewing.
  3. Dr. Jim conducts an in-depth analysis of all the data from the testing, interviewing, and company provided information - and compiles it into a comprehensive report.
  4. Dr. Jim reviews the report in detail with the hiring executives, and assists the company in making the final, right decision.

Bottom line, making the right hiring choice is the difference between opportunity and opportunity cost.
Contact Dr. Jim to get started today to learn more about TSG Prehire Assessments.