Leadership Assessment

“Quality leadership and management are essential to success. Neither is an accident, but can be acquired through education, understanding and practice (experience). I can think of no better guide to that journey than TSG and Dr. James Kestenbaum. The return on investment in your people is simply without bounds.”
-- George W. Hamlin, IV
President and CEO, Canandaigua National Bank and Trust, Canandaigua National Corporation (Canandaigua, NY)

You're probably facing a dilemma shared by many companies today: how to choose the best leadership development program for your most valued executives.
Dr. Jim takes the mystery and confusion out of developing your leaders. TSG Leadership
Development Assessments will enable your company to efficiently get your top performers to the next level - preparing them for taking on new assignments, challenges, and promotions.

How the Process Works

TSG's Leadership Assessments use scientifically valid testing and interviewing techniques to determine an executive's strengths, weaknesses, and areas for further development. With this information in hand, you'll know the exact leadership
areas in which to develop your high potential executive.

TSG Leadership Assessment Steps

  1. Your corporate team will meet with Dr. Jim for one hour - this is an information gathering meeting for your people and TSG to review impressions of the executives' strengths, weaknesses, history, and development needs.

  2. Each individual will complete two kinds of testing. First, they will complete a full day of testing and interviewing at TSG. Second, they'll undergo a standard 360-degree assessment.

  3. TSG will analyze the data and compile it into a comprehensive, in-depth report.

  4. TSG will review the report and its results with your team, and in a follow-up meeting, with the individual.

TSG Leadership Development Assessments allow companies to maximize their people engine development while saving thousands of dollars on useless training programs.
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TSG Leadership Development Assessment can be invaluable for identifying how to develop high potential executives.