Culture Assessment

"'Make the invisible...visible'. Management’s perception of the culture is not necessarily the same as the associate’s perception. It can be very eye opening. The culture assessment is the first step in determining a baseline for where the company culture really is. You have to have a starting point."
-- Kip Palmer
President/CEO, Palmer Food Services (Rochester, NY)

Discerning leaders know that their organization's culture serves as the lifeblood of their organization. Many companies don't understand how to start creating a participatory culture. And, less than 5% of all companies attempting a participatory
culture are able to maintain it.

TSG Culture Assessments take the mystery out of understanding your company's culture and lay the groundwork for maintaining a participatory culture. We bring you information and expert recommendations which allow you to harness your people engine
and rid your organization of daily distractions standing in the way of growth and success.

How the Process Works

The process begins with a two-hour introductory meeting with your company and Dr. Jim. Using a customized structured meeting format, he will determine the best applications for the culture assessment in order to create the highest value for your
organization. Once the culture assessment is complete, Dr. Jim will review the results and roadmap for change with your organization.

TSG Culture Assessment Steps

  1. Dr. Jim and the top executive will co-lead an orientation with your company's senior management team to review the culture assessment process and get input. Together, we will choose the assessment method - surveys or interviews.

    The computerized survey method is particularly well suited to companies (or subgroups within companies) with more than 20 people. This approach will yield quantifiable results for the entire organization, as well as provide intergroup comparisons
    (e.g., between departments). To create even more company specific input from the workforce, companies can add their own customized questions to the survey, as well as conduct follow-up focus groups.

    The interview method is best for smaller organizations. An interview survey of 8-10 questions is custom designed based on company input. The interviews are conducted by Dr. Jim, lasting about 45-60 minutes per person.

  2. For either method, TSG creates an in-depth report from the data we gather. The report pinpoints culture strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities.

  3. Dr. Jim reviews the culture assessment report with top management, then with the other participants in the survey process, in order to validate the survey findings.

  4. Dr. Jim conducts a review meeting with the top management team, which includes a summary report.

TSG Culture Assessments let you know where your culture is today and where it needs to go for a productive and profitable tomorrow.
Contact Dr. Jim today to understand your company's
culture and harness it for greater things using TSG Culture Assessments.