”Dr. Jim’s reports provide valuable insights into areas that we, as an employer, feel are critical to our success.”

-- Brad McAreavy

President, Rochester Auto Dealers Association
(Rochester, NY)

Harness the potential in your company's people engine

There are many "engines" that drive your business. At TSG, our focus is your "people engine." We know how people tick and how business works. This unique combination allows us to optimize your people engine for maximum performance.

In his experience with over 130 companies, Dr. Jim has found that the greatest potential in a company's people engine is in the following three areas:

Assess Right

Assessment leads to getting the right people in the right positions in your company. Without the right people, no company can achieve greatness.

At TSG, we become a member of your hiring team. We use our systematic interviewing and scientific
testing processes to help you select the best people for the job.

Our scientific assessment processes help you make significantly better hiring decisions, as well as critical promotion and succession decisions.

Develop Right

Part art, part science. At TSG, we take the mystery out of creating great leaders. Our premise - leaders aren't born great, they're developed.

Dr. Jim's "develop smart" approach is based on custom-designed executive leadship programs.
He determines how the executive needs to lead and gets them there. Our results are visible and tangible.

Team Right

The backbone of your people engine - your senior management team. Too many senior teams don't pull together - they act more like senior "groups." Dr. Jim's approach pinpoints the potential in your senior teams.

Then, unlike many other
executive team building methods, Dr. Jim works collaboratively to create improved levels of discipline and teamwork, and with personal accountability. This creates a high level of individual, team, and organizational execution which propels your
company's success.