Leadership coaching is imperative.

First, I must help you differentiate routine daily meetings (what I call, “hit-and-run” meetings) from true leadership coaching sessions. Yes, to keep a business going forward, people—you and your people—need to communicate all day long. Dropping
into each other’s offices, emails (likely too many of these) and having a quick lunch with each other are all part of conducting business, and all of these enable hundreds and thousands of interactions daily that tactically get work

Second, leadership coaching has little to do with the daily work. The best way to differentiate this type of coaching from routine communications is to compare a tactical plan with a strategic plan. The tactical plan ensures that the daily stuff
gets done (calls made, services delivered, new things created, etc.). The strategic plan helps build the entire organization in longer lasting ways—building value for tomorrow.

Leadership coaching should be done with each of your direct reports, beginning with a series of sessions where you first conduct a thorough leadership assessment. You then use the information determined in the leadership assessment to help the person
who has been assessed to develop and improve on the things germane to their leadership identity and long-term career development.

Here are some sample topics that could be part of your leadership coaching with your people:

  • Developing your “emotional intelligence”
  • Succession (1, 2, 5 years)
  • Learning to influence cross-functionally to drive company performance

The benefit of leadership coaching is apparent to the individual – he/she becomes a more consummate and effective leader.

The benefit of leadership coaching is apparent and essential to the company:

  • In the short term, you’re increasing a leader’s ability to leverage his her resources, so your company becomes more productive and profitable
  • In the long term, you’re strengthening your company’s succession bench (remember that the more you know about somebody, the better you know their “fit” for a position)

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