Hiring Right – Make A Pain A Priority

In previous articles and blog entries, I’ve discussed this theme. I continue to write about it because so many companies put the priority of hiring right, at the bottom of their “to do” lists.

I am beginning to have some new thoughts about why hiring is considered to be such a low priority. I used to think it was because hiring is a pain in the neck—so many steps, so many interviews and just so much time before the “right candidate” is
located, hired and onboard. But, I’m beginning to have some new thoughts. Companies don’t hate the hiring process, but they don’t love it, either. In moments of calm and sanity, most senior executives would agree that hiring is a top priority—staffing
the company for its challenges today and tomorrow. But once you get past the “mom and apple pie” goodness about the results of sound hiring practices, something else becomes clear. That is, many executives feel hiring just isn’t as important as
the rest of the business.


Maybe it’s because hiring is part of human resources—a “support function” as some would call it (those who aren’t very progressive and don’t understand how people are one of the biggest “secrets in the sauce” for any successful company). Maybe because
the impact of hiring isn’t usually felt immediately—it can take 6-12 months for a senior level hire to fully onboard, learning the ropes and making impact. So, how can you create a new, more positive and progressive attitude about hiring at your

My advice—start at the top. A great thing to do is have an executive retreat to explore the company’s hiring practices—how you hire, what has and hasn’t worked, and what practices would you change in the coming year? Have your human resource/organizational
development team involved—they are the quarterbacks on your candidate searches and will be the key players on any changes that come from the retreat.

As many before me have said, see hiring as an investment in your company’s future—it’s got to be a top priority. The executive you hire today could be with your company for over 25 years—good to do it right!