Developing Smart - Using TSG Leadership Development Programs

The Challenge for the Company

A large product distributor had enjoyed enormous growth over the years - quickly becoming a major regional player in its field. As
part of an even larger corporation, the company was calling upon its managers to "step up" and do even more to make the company successful.

As is true in many organizations, this company had an executive who was a star performer, an
expert in the industry. But, the executive had a lot of difficulty working with people, to the point of being disruptive to the organization.

A meeting between the executive's boss and TSG quickly brought to light that the executive
was much too valuable to lose, but was becoming too taxing to keep. The company's preference (over firing) was to "do something" to salvage the executive's career at the company - which, of course, would benefit the executive and company, alike.

TSG Action

The process had two steps.

First, a TSG Leadership Assessment was conducted to: 1) determine the reasons for the VP's current behavior; and, 2) obtain an objective reading of the person's management
and communication skills.

Second, a TSG Leadership Program was custom designed for this executive, and successfully implemented.


The TSG Leadership Program provided the following

a. the executive was able to begin creating new levels of productivity, as he transitioned from being a cause of trouble, to a catalyst for positive change

b. the executive's newly found management skills and
success working with others positioned him to become a key mentor in the company - allowing him to more productively share his intellect with his direct reports

c. his ability to work better with others and coach, made
him a new force for shaping a participatory culture, positioning the company for further growth and profitability

d. his ability to interact in the larger corporate entity made him, once again, a key contributor to the senior
management team, contributing new productivity ideas as well as serving as good counsel to his peers