“Dr. Kestenbaum has always catalyzed my thinking, and has served as an important ingredient to whatever success I have enjoyed in a dynamic and growing manufacturing business.”

-- Joe Bridgeford

Executive Leader and Advisor for Manufacturing and Technology Enterprises (Farmington, NY)

Where to begin…

It is said that one of the best ways to understand something in the present is to understand its past.

Dr. Jim Kestenbaum, a corporate psychologist in Rochester, NY, founded The Solutions Group in 1991. The goal of TSG today is the same as it was then - to help our clients maximize their “people engines” - an important key to business
success. And, our approach to working with our clients has been the same since the beginning - treating them as our partners to make their companies operate better.

Why is the “people engine” our niche?

Experts have long acknowledged that a company’s success is largely dependent upon its people - what we call the “people engine.” Companies can maximize their success by hiring right and developing smart - the areas in which we specialize.

How are we qualified to maximize our clients’ “people engine?”

This goes back to our founder’s background. “Dr. Jim” - as many of his clients call him - is a classically trained psychologist from the nationally renowned Counseling Psychology Program at College Park, Maryland. His experience
has been further developed working in a variety of industries, on corporate boards (both for- and not-for-profit) and coaching scores of executives and senior management teams. Dr. Jim and the TSG staff use this accumulated expertise to assist our
clients to hire more effectively, develop their executives for improved accountability and execution, and challenge their senior management teams to achieve exemplary company performance.

The TSG consulting approach has been honed over
the years, but one thing has remained constant from the beginning. None of our services are merely “off the shelf.” We pride ourselves on understanding the specific needs of each client’s situation, then custom designing an approach
which fits best.

With each decade that passes, we implement client feedback and new data to help us create ever more successful and leading-edge programs.